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Fanbook - The Winchester Anatomicae

Fanbook - The Winchester Anatomicae

The Winchester Anatomicae is a 14 page fanbook focusing on hurt!Dean and the story of Dean through his scars and his deaths. It's presented as a sort of diary.

Acknowledgment and disclaimer

I really would like to thank becc_j for helping me out with my English but also for her kindness, her moral support and all the squee during all the conception of the Anatomicae.

DO NOT REPOST THE PAGES SEPARATELY ON TUMBLR. They don't work one by one, particularly the end, so please, REBLOG THE MASTER POST INSTEAD.


You can enjoy the Anatomicae below or downloading it directly on Mediafire HERE

Warnings: Blood, detailed anatomy drawings, mentions of canon character!deaths like death by Hellhounds (No rest for the Wicked) and shotgun (Dark side of the Moon)

- Page 1 - Cover
- Page 2 - Introducing the Band
- Page 3 - Summer of 96
- Page 4 - Faith
- Page 5 - In my Time of Dying
- Page 6 - This is gonna hurt
- Page 7 - No Rest for the Wicked
- Page 8 - Lazarus Rising
- Page 9 - Dark Side of The Moon
- Page 10 - Man in the Wilderness
- Page 11 - Thunderstruck
- Page 12 - Brothers in Arms
- Page 13 - To the End
- Page 14 - Credit


About the Anatomicae

This project was drawn especially for a friend. Exactly like I adapted my Christmas cards to the tastes, kinks and ships of the persons I sent the cards to, I drew this project to be the perfect present for someone very special. My friend is a Dean girl, she's MAD about hurt!Dean, she prefers Gen but has nothing against Wincest and/or Wincest subtext overall. So basically, all these elements are the center of The Anatomicae, particularly hurt!Dean.

Tools of the trade:
- Photoshop CS6
- Photography (Book texture on pages 1,2, 12, 13, 14)
- I used some of Blakravell Watercolor brushes

Did you work on your own?

For the art, yes. For the text, I wrote everything in my bad!English and the awesome becc_j came to the rescue to beta the text and make the English flow. If Dean sounds really like Dean and not like a French tourist on vacation in L.A, it's thanks to her. Thank you SO MUCH!

Any questions? Don't hesitate!

I hope you enjoyed The Winchester Anatomicae.
See you soon!
Tags: dean winchester, fan art, sam winchester, supernatural

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